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Tairyū-ji Temple, No.21 on the Shikoku Pilgrimage


Travelling further inland, you come to Tairyū-ji Temple, No.21 on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Since it's located high in the mountains, the temple is accessed by a cable car, although it's also a delightful walk up. This beautiful temple stands among huge, ancient cypress trees. The carving on the buildings is exquisite, of a quality rarely seen. The ‘ryū’ in ‘Tairyū’ means ‘dragon’, and on the ceiling of the temple office you can see a large, expressive ink painting of a dragon, which dates from the Meiji period.

A short walk from the temple brings you to a statue of Kūkai meditating on a rocky crag with a fantastic view over the mountains and sea. The path is lined with statues related to each of the pilgrimage temples.

statue of Kukai